Harmed in Hurricane Sandy? You may Deserve Compensation!

Hurricane Sandy began as a small storm in the Atlantic Ocean, but suddenly burst into a dangerous squall as she headed towards southeast Florida. According to the Washington Post, the winds are picking up to about 105 mph, and Florida residents are worried that the hurricane may come to do serious damage. The National Hurricane Center reports that the hurricane has been unpredictable. Forecasts said that it would pick up speed as it hit the islands of Jamaica, but instead the storm started to rage as it moved between Jamaica and eastern Cuba. Tropical storm winds have been swirling out to 140 miles from the eye of the storm. At present, Hurricane Sandy is considered a category 2 hurricane.

The storm has already done a significant amount of damage in Jamaica and Haiti, where it has already claimed two lives. As the storm potentially heads to the state of Florida, emergency rescue teams are on the lookout. At present, much of the southeast coast of Florida is receiving warnings about the storm and can expect 40-45 mph winds up through Friday. Whenever a hurricane is underway it is important that employers take certain precautions with workers and that men and women learn how to practice safety in the midst of a storm.

All employers who monitor crews that work outside should give workers the day off or postpone their duties until the storm blows over. It is not fair to expose workers to dangerous elements in order to increase the amount of hours in a work week. At schools, the administration should not allow children to play outside in the event of a storm, because it can often cause harm and injury. As well, all adults should know the evacuation routes out of targeted residential areas in the event of a terrifying hurricane. If you have been injured in a hurricane and believe that that injury would have been prevented if your employer had been more conscientious then talk to a lawyer at our law firm. A Miami injury attorney at Seltzer Law is more than willing to listen to your case and determine whether or not you can obtain damages for worker's compensation!

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