Hazing at Florida A&M University Leads to Wrongful Death Lawsuit

In lieu of a hazing incident turned fatal, the mother of 26 year old Robert Champion, a Florida A&M University band member who was killed in the incident, is now seeking justice through a wrongful death lawsuit against the university. It all started when Champion and his fellow band members took a trip to Orlando for the annual event, "Battle of the Bands," in which they participated. While there, the Florida A&M student was brutally hazed by thirteen of his other band mates on a charter bus, and subsequently died as a result. Now, his parents are seeking compensation, claiming that the university has been tolerating this type of behavior for quite some time.

Champion's parents are alleging that since 1983, there have been at least 107 similar incidents in which a student was hazed-landing three other students in the hospital. Because of this, they believe that the Florida university should have taken greater measures to stop this behavior before it wrongfully took the life of their son. Also, it was reported that just three days before the fatal incident occurred, the school's dean of students had proposed to suspend the band in order to control the very prevalent problem of hazing. The university took no such action, and allowed the band to participate in the Orlando event a few days later. In the wake of Robert Champion's death, the president of the university, James Ammons, has resigned.

It is the bus driver, Wendy Millette, that is now coming under fire, however. According to the lawsuit, Millette willingly stood guard outside of the charted bus while Champion was hazed, and even forced him back inside when he came to the door to vomit. Allegedly, the bus driver has previously facilitated several other similar instances of hazing by parking in a remote location and allowing the students to target an unsuspecting victim. Because of this, Champion's parents are implicating several responsible parties in the death of their son. If you have suffered the loss of a loved one at the hands of a reckless or negligent group of individuals, it is your right to seek compensation, as well.

A wrongful death lawsuit can be waged against any individual or group of individuals that have facilitated reckless behavior and/or neglected their responsibilities to keep the victim safe, so if you have endured the death of a loved one under these circumstances, you should not hesitate to speak with qualified legal representation. In the case of Robert Champion, his parents will likely be rewarded monetary compensation as a way of seeking justice for their son. Although a monetary award cannot bring back the life of a loved one, you too should take legal action in order to make sure that all responsible parties are held accountable for your unjustified loss.

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