OSHA Launches New Campaign to Support Fall Prevention

More and more construction workers are prone to falling on their equipment, bringing on horrific, debilitating, deathly, or lasting injuries. Because construction workers need to be on their feet all day, one serious injury can be enough to make them lose their jobs. With a loss of income and mounting medical bills, these people can end up in a tough situation. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a government organization that was created in order to help men and women stay protected and safe when going about their jobs, The new fall prevention campaign is an effort to protect the workers who spend their days at dangerous heights and are at risk to a terrifying and damaging fall.

OSHA says that falls are the leading cause of death in construction. In 2010, there were 264 fall fatalities and 774 potential fall fatalities in construction. The tragic thing about these deaths is that every single one is preventable. If construction employers were more conscious of the dangers that their workers are exposed to on a daily basis, they may be able to take precautions that would limit the amount of falls in the United States annually. There are a variety of different types of falls that are common in construction accidents. The first are floor opening falls, which occur when a person does not realize that the floor has been broken open or falls backwards into the hole.

Another type of fall occurs when people tumble off of a fixed scaffold. There are often items left on the narrow scaffolding that can cause a trip hazard, and people without harnesses may lose their balance and go tumbling downwards. As well, there are ridge decking falls, which occur then the workers are constructing a bridge high above traffic or water. Some people fall when they are reroofing a home. Whenever construction workers are allowed on an angled roof without a harness it can be particularly damaging. As well, construction workers are at a risk to tumbling head first when they are leaning over a ledge to do work on this area of a home or building. Workers should only complete this task when they are harnessed in.

The OSHA has started to create resources that employers can utilize in order to run their own fall prevention workshops. Many of these resources now target construction workers that may not be proficient in English. The OSHA campaign involves three steps: plan, provide, and train. First of all, employers need to plan ahead and get the resources needed in order to ensure a safe work environment. Then, employers need to provide that equipment to all construction workers who are at risk to a fall. The use of preventative equipment should be required. Then, employers need to plan for fall prevention and prepare emergency services just in case a tragedy occurs. Contact a personal injury attorney today if you want more information about workers compensation after a fall that creates a significant injury. A personal injury attorney at Seltzer Law wants to help you to gain the compensation that you deserve today!

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