19 People Infected with Meningitis in Florida

The tragic fundal meningitis outbreak has affected more than 400 victims in America and over 20 people have died from the dangerous disease. Meningitis causes the spinal cord and brain linings to swell, and can often be deadly. According to reports, the New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts created a steroid that was supposed to help relieve lower back pain. Inside the injection vials, a dangerous fungus that can create meningitis was waiting. Once injected into the spinal cord of a patient, that person had the potential to develop this dangerous fungal malady. In Florida alone, 19 people were diagnosed with the meningitis that was rooted to a tainted shot. The Florida Department of Health says that a 66-year-old woman from Maricopa County is the 19th victim in the state.

Three people in this state have died as a result of the illness already within Florida alone. The officials say that the disease can arrive anytime between 7 and 81 days of receiving the shot, meaning that more cases may surface in the future. Those that are experiencing nausea, headaches, and other flu-like symptoms and received a pain reliever injection for lower back pain are advised to head to a doctor immediately for testing. Those that do have the illness may be able to ward off serious symptoms before it is too late if they can get to a doctor quick enough. If you are one of the victims of this terrible illness, you have the express right to sue the New England Compounding Center for damages. The company has had to shut down their practice since the meningitis outbreak occurred, and are now scrambling to recover from the losses. Contact a personal injury attorney at Seltzer Law today if you want to seek damages for your pain and suffering!

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