Prepackaged Salads may be Filled with Dangers

For busy hosts and hostesses, throwing together a prepackaged salad from a grocery store is a common occurrence. These pre-washed salads have all the ingredients in one bag. They merely need to be mixed and then the salad can be served to a hungry family or a band of dinner guests. Yet Consumer Reports has recently discovered that these bagged salads may not fulfill the health promises you'd expect in a bed of leafy greens.

In fact, the Department of Agriculture recently tested prepackaged salads and discovered that two samples had salmonella bacteria hiding between the leaves. Consumer Reports also did a study and found that many of these salads have fecal contamination and other bacteria inside the bag. While the lettuce probably doesn't contain fatal germs, almost every sample had some sort of unsanitary element inside.

Interestingly enough, the FDA has not done anything to remove this produce from the shelves. This is because while they have federal action limits for the organisms in water, raw meat, and milk, there are not standards for produce. As you can imagine, this means that there is not nearly as much accountability in the area of produce. Researchers have discovered that the lettuce generally has bacteria inside whether or not it is organic. It is reported that the Senate has proposed a bill for the Election Day ballot which is called the Food Safety Modernization Act.

If passed, this bill would require the Food and Drug Administration to set stronger standards for produce safety, so that dangerous bacteria like generic E,. Coli and enterococcus would not be infused into the foods we eat on a daily basis. If you have developed an illness that can be traced back to produce you consumed, you may be able to sue the company that sold the produce in the first place. Talk to a Miami Injury Lawyer at our firm today for more information! With a hardworking attorney on your side, you may be able to obtain damages for your suffering!

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