The Danger of Breast Cancer Diagnosis

According to a recent panel by the Cancer Research U.K., cancer screening can come with a cost. For every one woman that is saved from breast cancer because of a screening, three other women are allegedly over-diagnosed. This means that they are treated for cancer as if they were affected, but later discover that they are not. Scientists report that about 1,300 are saved by a breast cancer screening every year, but 4,000 women are over diagnosed in the same screenings. That means that women are treated for cancers that they may have, but that are developing slowly. Slowly developing cancers may not even be worth dealing with because they will never become a health risk in the person's lifetime. There are also times when mammograms can lead to dales alarms.

Fox News says that only 1 percent of all women who are falsely diagnosed with breast cancer will undergo chemotherapy, surgery, or radiation for breast cancer that would never be dangerous. Still, this is leading thousands of women devastated when they figure out that all the painful medical treatments were not for any gain. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, it is important that you ask for details about your condition and about the development of the cancer.

You want to make sure that you are not being overly diagnosed. Some doctors will even inflate the symptoms and dangers of a cancer in order to gain more money from performing the complicated procedures. If this happens to you, then you have the right to sue for medical malpractice Contact an attorney today for more information about over diagnosis lawsuits and medical malpractice charges. If you have been the victim of one of these negligent actions then you need to talk to someone at the Seltzer Law Firm today!

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