The Dangers of High Heels

High heels are a common part of most women's wardrobes, but new research is showing that they may be doing more harm than good. In fact, Dr. Kevin Berkowitz has declared that high heels often bring on pain in the bottom of the foot that can lead to a host of injuries and foot issues later on in life. The Miami Beach Foot & Ankle Surgery says that they are constantly seeing women come into the office between the ages of 30 and 55. These women always say that they have worn high heels on a frequent basis, and this has led them to a loss of foot function and to pain. Normally, high heels bring on a pain in the bottom of the foot which can eventually become chronic.

Dr. Berkowitz says that height isn't the only concern when it comes to high heels. As well, the narrow nature of heels nowadays is causing more and more women to suffer foot problems. Berkowitz told CBS News that the when a woman squeezes her food into an unrealistically small toe box at a tall height, then it can result in causing the soft tissues to tear and stretch. Ligaments and tendons in the foot can be squeezed and pulled at. There are times that these tendons and ligaments may even rupture from the pressure. The mechanics of the ankle can be altered to such a degree that it may take surgery to fix the problem. After time, many women will develop hammertoes and bunions from the heels. Others experience back and knee pain that can be rooted to the shoes that they wear on a daily basis.

Orthopedic doctors recommend that all women who are on their feet on a regular basis avoid strutting around in their high heels. Instead, he recommends these tall and stylish shoes for people who sit at a desk for most of their day. If you work at an occupation where the authorities insist that you wear high heels, then orthopedic surgeons suggest that you opt for wedges rather than stilettos. If you develop a foot problem because of the high heels that you are required to wear in your office or at your workplace, then you may be able to bring the issue up to your employer.

If you are still forced to wear the same uniform and are not permitted to change to a more comfortable pair of shoes, this may be grounds for litigation. This is because you are technically the victim of an on-the-job injury. You can argue that if your employer had allowed you to change your shoes, then you may not suffer the foot problems that you have today. Contact a Miami injury attorney today if you need more information!

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