Woman Claims she was Exploited on Video, Seeks Damages

Exploitation can cause psychological injuries that can last a lifetime. People who have been exploited or embarrassed on a public scale often carry the shame from the experience with them throughout the rest of their days. One Georgia mother says that two cameramen caused her undue shame and infringed on her personal rights when they featured her on the cover of a film called “Girls Gone Wild.” Lindsay Boyd is now 26, and was only a minor when she was asked to expose her breasts for a camera 12 years ago.

The then-14-year-old girl was offered beads in exchange for the action. She complied and lifted her shirt. The few seconds of video from the incident were later sold to the maker of a film called “Girls Gone Wild.” Not only was Boyd featured in the video, but she was plastered on the cover. She claims that she never gave the men permission to feature her in their movie, and now claims that she has been exploited as a result. After years of legal battles, Boyd's lawsuit against MRA Holding and Mantra Films will be heard in a Georgia Supreme Court.

Boyd wants compensation for being used commercially without her consent. She claims that the cameramen that morning were devious and did not tell her that they were filming for any sort of production. Instead, she was simply asked to flash the men in exchange for the trendy necklaces that she wanted. The young woman says that the video ruined her life. She found out that she had been featured in the film in high school. Teachers and coaches heard about it and all of her classmates were involved in the rumors that circulated. Boyd says that she was so embarrassed, and has been haunted by the video ever since. In 2004, Boyd attempted to sue MRA Holding and Mantra Films, but is just now moving to a federal court.

According to ABC News Boyd's attorney says that she had no idea that a split-second decision would be a life-long regret. Some legal analysts say that the young woman has no right to sue now because she flashed the cameramen in a public arena. As the battle rages, Boyd will continue to argue that she was abused and exploited in a public arena. If you have been exploited in a way that caused you pain and suffering, then you may want to contact a Miami injury attorney at Seltzer Law We can help you to sue for emotional damages based on the exploitation that you were subject to. Contact us today for more information about exploitation lawsuits and to develop a case that we can take to court!

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