Brain Injuries in Florida

The Causes and Consequences of a Traumatic Brain Injury

There are a wide range of injuries that an individual may sustain in the event of an accident caused by the negligence of another person, and brain injuries are among the most severe. When someone suffers from a brain injury, the ordeal can be devastating financially and physically, as well as socially. Brain injury victims often face long-term consequences as a result of their accidents, and the costs associated with this type of care can be quite significant, especially in light of the fact that the victim is often un able to continue working due to their injury. A Miami injury lawyer is prepared to assist the injured or their families to pursue the maximum possible compensation for damages in cases in which a brain injury is the result of negligence.

Brain injuries are not always easy to identify right away and symptoms can arise days or even weeks down the road. Some of the most common brain injury symptoms include memory or sleep difficulties, seizures, mood shifts, chronic or worsening headaches, confusion and unconsciousness to name a few. When a traumatic brain injury is identified, it can be very expensive to maintain hospital oversight and specialized medical care without receiving compensation from the responsible parties. The victim should never be burdened with the cost of care, which is why it is so critical to pursue recovery of financial damages as aggressively and effectively as possible.

Pursuing Compensation for a Brain Injury in Miami, FL

Pursuing a brain injury compensation claim requires legal representation from an attorney who is experienced in this complex field of personal injury law. Seltzer Law, PA has represented clients with brain and spinal cord injuries throughout Miami with tenacity and success. We work closely with neurosurgeons and neuropsychologists to ensure that no symptom is overlooked, and that your condition is documented in the best way possible in terms of recovery and future cost. We will ease your concerns while facilitating the process of financial recovery by providing compelling advocacy in court, on your behalf.

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