Dangerous Drugs in Florida

Personal Injuries Related to the Use of Dangerous Drugs

While large drug companies have long been the innovators of many breakthrough drugs that have increased the quality of our lives, they have also been responsible for some very damaging drugs that have caused serious injuries, conditions and even loss of life for innocent people. These drugs sometimes slip through drug trials that are designed to make sure a drug is safe to use, and there is some indication that the FDA could approve some drugs for mainstream sales without fully evaluating some of the potential side effects. As the FDA only requires a specific standard for approval of a new medication, allowing for any negative studies to be thrown out and only the positive studies to be submitted, this can create serious problems for innocent consumers who do not realize that there could be grave danger of injury should they take the new drug. There are many recent cases of drug recalls when enough people reported the serious side effects after the drug made it onto the market.

If you or a loved one has been injured through taking an over-the-counter or prescription drug, you have the right to enlist the services of a skilled Miami personal injury lawyer to seek compensation when negligence can be established. The injury, illness or condition must first be identified and documented. It is important remain vigilant when taking prescription medications. If adverse symptoms can be identified quickly enough, then the individual may be able to avoid significant suffering and hardship. If symptoms go unnoticed, however, the extent of damages can increase substantially and may leave victims suffering very serious or permanent damage, or even death.

Will I need an injury attorney?

Recovery from taking dangerous drugs may require a long term hospital stay or extensive medical intervention and care, and other expenses may also arise as a result of one's inability to continue working. These financial hardships may all be compensated by the negligent party responsible for the release of the drug. A highly qualified and creative lawyer should be at your side to take on the high-powered defendants of these cases. Seltzer Law, PA is an equally high-powered personal injury firm and we have dedicated our practice to defending the rights of individuals throughout South Florida who have suffered injuries as a result of their ingestion of dangerous drugs. Our attorneys have a proven record of success against negligent parties in personal injury claims, and our pursuit of your dangerous drug claim will be treated with the same level of priority dedication as we approach all cases.

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