Dog Bites in Florida

Are you the victim of a vicious dog?

Dog bite attack victims have likely suffered through extensive physical and mental trauma as a result of the experience, and many of these victims are impacted by these serious injuries for years to come. Individuals in this scenario commonly suffer from nerve and tissue damage, permanent scarring and even disfigurement due to lacerations, puncture wounds and more. If you have been involved in an unprovoked attack by a dog arising from owner negligence, the best thing to do is to seek the advice of a seasoned Miami injury lawyer who can help you to recover the financial damages associated with your injuries.

Dog owners are responsible for their pets in every sense of the word. These responsibilities include caring for a pet, but also encompass taking measures to protect others against a potential unwarranted attack. An individual may have a viable personal injury claim against a negligent dog owner if the dog escapes the owners' property, or if the dog is not properly restrained with a leash in public. In virtually every scenario, the dog owner will always can be held liable for all the damages suffered by the victim. This type of compensation is extremely important for dog bite victims who are often faced with substantial costs associated with treatment and recovery in the aftermath of an attack.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Miami, FL

For years, the skilled legal staff and attorneys at Seltzer Law, PA have provided Miami dog bite victims with the most thorough, air-tight compensation claims and representation available. We examine every aspect of a clients' case, and will work hard to ensure that you are compensated as much as possible for costs associated with medical care, physical therapy, loss of income and any other pain and suffering that may have impacted you. We do not have an answering service because we believe in assisting our clients personally. This personal dedication is just one example of how seriously we take each and every case, and just one way that our skilled representation and legal services can provide you with the highest possible compensation for your injuries when caused by the negligence of another.

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