Negligence in Florida

What role does negligence play in personal injury?

Individuals who have been injured in car accidents, workplace accidents, slip and fall accidents, construction accidents and others have the right to seek compensation from liable parties for the monetary losses associated with their injuries. This type of compensation is possible only if it can be proven that the accident and resulting injury was caused by the negligence of another. If negligence can be proven, then the victim may have a viable case to receive compensatory damages from that person. A skilled personal injury attorney can aggressively seek the best possible conclusion to your claim, and can be an invaluable asset in the pursuit of the compensation you are entitled to.

Negligence can be assigned to an individual by addressing some key concerns. First, the defendant must have had some sort of duty to the injured individual. This is relatively easy to come by such as in drunk-driving accidents or dog bites where the responsible party could have prevented the accident. Second, the defendant must have breached their duty to the victim by failing to act appropriately. If the injury was a result of the defendant's breach of duty, or their failure to prevent the accident, then the victim should be able to achieve a level of compensation ideally similar to what your attorney has projected.

Proving Negligence in Miami, FL

Negligence is a common cause for accidents with serious injuries including car accident injuries. Although many individuals fail to seek the compensation they deserve either because they don't know how, it stands to reason that seeking compensation is the best way of moving forward. Recovering from a serious personal injury can be expensive, and the attorneys at Seltzer Law, PA do not believe the victims of accidents caused by negligence should be responsible for their medical bills, loss of income, rehabilitation and pain and suffering. Our firm develops comprehensive strategies for pursuing compensation that often result in substantial court decisions or out-of-court settlements for our clients. We understand how to get the most out of a personal injury claim and we invite all injury victims of negligence to seek the financial compensation they deserve through Seltzer Law, PA. Call a Miami injury lawyer today to get started!

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