Product Liability in Florida

What role can product liability play in an injury claim?

Due to the many ways in which products can be used, defective or mislabeled products can cause serious injuries in a host of different scenarios. Product liability becomes the focus of a personal injury when the injury itself was caused by a product. Whether the product was manufactured using hazardous materials or chemicals, if misleading directions or warning labels fail to protect consumers, you have rights as a consumer to pursue compensation for all damages. Serious injury to children through dangerous toys, baby furniture or other items can lead to the need to pursue compensation. Product liability claims may be approached as an individual, or as part of a class action suit where many people have suffered the same injury due to the same problem. In either case, a skilled injury attorney with Seltzer Law, PA is in the best position to help.

Defective products can lead to serious injuries. The owner of one defective product may be burned due to flammable materials, or a child could be injured when a toy is painted with lead based paint. There can be catastrophic injuries when an auto system or part fails. The injuries associated with defective products range anywhere from lacerations to broken bones to exposure to hazardous chemicals, and so your representing attorney should be well-versed in all areas of personal injury in order to be of the best possible benefit.

Seltzer Law, PA - Defending Product Liability Victims

Product liability is serious, and the victims who suffer from defective or poorly-manufactured product injuries should always pursue compensation. Companies need to be held responsible for their mistakes and the successful pursuit of financial compensation may not only result in a settlement or court decision that leaves you with a substantial sum of money, but also one that helps others by shining a light on a product that needs to be improved or taken off of the market. A Miami injury lawyer at our firm can help you achieve whatever your goals are in a product liability claim. We are passionate in the fulfillment of our case goals, and we are prepared to do whatever it takes to see that you find the security you need to move forward.

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