Slip and Fall Injury

Slip, trip and fall accidents are some of the most commonly pursued types of personal injury claims, as more than one million victims sustain a serious slip and fall injury each year in the United States, and 17,000 more suffer fatal trauma. With such a great number of people involved in these types of incidents each year, it is no wonder that slip and fall accidents are second only to car accidents in the number of related claims being pursued. Although a slip, trip or fall usually only yields a minor injury, in some cases, the damage can be devastating—including spinal cord injuries, broken bones and traumatic brain injury. Regardless of the severity, however, any unrightfully sustained injury may be grounds to pursue compensation.

Many victims are hesitant to pursue a personal injury case in the event of a slip and fall accident because they are not sure how to determine liability. The fact is, if the accident happened on a public residence or government, commercial or public property, the property owner and/or manager has the responsibility of maintaining a safe premises. If they have failed to do so and you were harmed as a result, they may be held liable for any serious injuries you have sustained. It must be shown that the responsible party was aware of the hazardous conditions, however, and that they subsequently failed to remedy the problem. Some of the most commonly overlooked dangers include:

  • Slick, wet or oily walking surfaces
  • Uneven pavement & broken steps
  • Missing railings
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Concealed tripping hazards

If you have been involved in a similar slip and fall accident that has left you unnecessarily injured, it is your right to pursue compensation. In some cases it may be difficult to prove liability, as many property owners will deny knowledge of the hazardous conditions that have caused the accident, so it is in your best interest to enlist the help of an experienced legal professional as soon as possible.

Seeking Compensation for Your Injuries in Miami

Why hire a slip and fall attorney with Seltzer Law, PA? The answer is simple. Our firm has represented many slip and fall victims throughout our years of service to the Miami area, and we have developed a deep familiarity with how these claims are defended by insurance companies and other liable parties in order to avoid the responsibility of compensation. They know which questions to ask to destroy the case you have against them, but our attorneys know how to answer to keep you protected. By working closely with our clients, we are able to provide the representation and the appropriate approach that will result in the absolute highest possible return for compensation.

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