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Falling asleep at the wheel is already dangerous in a mid-sized passenger car. When the driver of a truck is excessively tired or falls asleep, the results can be much more deadly because of the bulk of the vehicle they are operating. Truck accidents do not only involve the truck itself, but also the contents it is carrying. These can come loose or get released during the course of an accident and can easily end up causing the wrongful death of passengers in smaller cars on the road. Being exhausted can have some of the same physical effects on a driver as drugs or driving drunk. Blurred eyesight and impaired judgment are both common consequences of severe fatigue. If you were hurt in an accident caused by a tired driver, contact a Miami personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

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Just like any responsible driver, a truck driver should always pull over and stop driving if they feel extremely tired. The National Sleep Foundation gives the figure of 1,550 unnecessary deaths and 71,000 injuries caused by sleep-deprived drivers every year. It is a truck driver's duty to get off the road if they are about to fall asleep, and the choice not to do so could be used as evidence of negligence in your collision. Truck drivers are even more susceptible to drowsy driving since they are required to drive for long stretches of time. If you think a tired truck driver caused your injury, speak to our firm today.

Contact a Miami truck accident lawyer today if you were injured by a tired driver.

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