Workplace Injuries in Florida

Seeking Financial Compensation for Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are defined as injuries that occur while an employee is considered to be on the job . Common settings for a workplace injury include warehouses, offices, oil and gas rigs, construction sites and other industrial environments as well as car accidents when an employee drives as part of their work duties. Workers' compensation is often relied upon to cover costs associated with recovery of a serious workplace injury, but claims can be denied, or the benefits are inadequate. A knowledgeable Miami injury lawyer can provide valuable legal services when seeking workers compensation benefits, and can also pursue compensation from all liable parties.

The types of injuries a person may sustain in a workplace accident vary widely. Some common examples of work-related injuries include lacerations, nerve damage, chemical burns, traumatic brain injuries and head trauma as well as the development of conditions like emphysema or cancer due to an unsafe work environment. The accidents that result in these injuries are commonly caused by defective parts, equipment failure and general negligence. Repetitive motion injuries can occur, or workplace violence and many other types of situations that lead to injury and other damages. Workplace accident victims should not have to pay to recover for the injuries they have suffered, but many are faced with overwhelming debt from medical care, or are denied benefits in a legitimate claim.

Representing Injured Workers

If you have been injured on the job, you will need an experienced attorney from Seltzer Law, PA to assist you in your personal injury claim. We have been a formidable advocate for clients in the South Florida region who suffer from workplace injuries, and our efforts have been instrumental in protecting the rights of injured and disabled workers. Our firm has deep experience in the areas of workers compensation, Social Security disability law and long-term disability, and we know how to achieve the highest financial compensation amounts possible. We have demonstrated time and time again our devotion to doing what it takes to leave our clients with everything they are entitled to in their workplace injury claim. Contact a Miami personal injury lawyer at the firm today to get started on pursuing your case.

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